The Brave Little Worm For Mobile

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Rhyming Interactive Kids Stories from digital developers AL-Oose Rhyming House.
After a long time we’re now ready to share with you our first story The Brave Little Worm for mobile, infact we’ve doing a Kickstarter Campaign to raise the last amount to finish the story. Check out our page by clicking the image below.

The story is a truely unique interactive experience for children 3years+.
As our story begins we must explore and interact with various characters and objects for the story to continue. We can also engage in conversations with the characters but be warned, some are a lot nicer then others.
Through out the story you’ll find hidden coins, some are easy to finds while others are more cleverly hidden, so come on adults, give the kids a hand and explore the rich environments of The Brave Little Worm and see if you can find them all.
Rightee “O” thats enough from us. We hope you enjoy our story as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. All the best from the team at AL-Oose Rhyming House.

Follow the Journey

Want to see how the Brave Little Worm was made?

Well great.
We’ve used our FB page as a developer diary sharing the various steps along the path of development. This is a great tool for those looking to build an app or have their own idea for an interactive kids story.
We cover everything from creating the story, concept sketches, rough prototype animations, all the way through to the finals.
Click on the FB link to see how the best kids stories from Al-Oose are created. Don’t forget to like us so we can keep you updated.